Daily Message ~ Sunday February 3, 2013

If you didn’t have appropriate boundaries before you stepped on your spiritual path, you can quickly find yourself out of balance.  Many people, with their loving hearts, gather some skills as they proceed on their path and immediately fall into a form of spiritual co-dependency.  They take all of the healing/energetics/empowering knowledge they learn, and instead of applying it to themselves, immediately become consumed in “fixing” another!  Dear Ones, it is wonderful to share your skills with others.  That is exactly why you have learned them, to support others, when they ASK for help and when they are actively seeking to improve themselves.  But to make your entire focus another person’s wellness is not using those gifts in the way they are meant to be used.  It is your path. Your healing, your growth, your balance, your appropriate boundaries, your self love…all of it is your responsibility and your primary focus.  We urge you, in order to stay in appropriateness, to never invest more in another’s wellness than they are willing to invest in themselves.  If you do not focus on appropriate balance, you will find yourself burning out and will only earn the resentment of the other when you are not able to make them all better. Your sacred quest is to step into your authentic power and to assist others to embrace their authentic power, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel

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