Daily Message ~ Sunday July 11, 2021

Dear Ones, we understand that many of you are feeling spiritually and physically fatigued. When one shift occurs after another it can feel like like you are getting tossed in the surf. We wish to offer you an explanation as to what is occurring.

You are in the most pivotal transition that will occur in your lifetime, traversing the divide between the old and the new. It might help to visualize it like a grand staircase that stretches up into the clouds, with wide steps, each of which is like a platform of its own. With each step you take you develop a new perspective with a broader view.

You have been on this staircase or series of platforms for quite some time now, for most of you since the beginning of 2020 which started the transition between the old and the new. And like all truly transformational climbs, it is normal to feel more fatigue as you near the top.

You are now moving far enough into the energies of the new that you will start to see what it is you’ve been striving for. You will reach the apex of this particular transformational phase and will step out onto new pathways with brand new perspectives and possibilities galore. The view will be breathtaking! And the gifts that come from this new vantage point will serve you well as you begin to navigate in earnest in the new.

This is not to say that this is your final up-levelling phase. Far from it. You will always be growing and evolving as you pioneer forward in these new energies. But this is an unusually long lasting period of on-going transformation, and this will not be your norm moving forward.

So understand the profound gifts and honour that comes from having evolved to the point of being able to navigate these energies. Give yourself good self care as you complete the last steps before you level out for a longer period of discovery. Know you are doing a magnificent job and your soul is absolutely delighted to be participating in these unprecedented times of opportunity and transformation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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