Daily Message ~ Sunday July 17, 2016


Everything you have learned has been in preparation for this right Now moment in time. You have the skills, the knowledge, the ability, the inner knowingness, to guide yourselves brilliantly through the tides of change you are going through. Remember what you know, Dear Ones, both on a human and on a soul level.

The driving force of the Shift you are part of is the wave of human beings moving from the initiate stage (the learning stage) into the actuate stage (the stage where you apply what you know). It is much like graduating from university – you have put in the time, you have studied hard, and now it is time to have faith in the work you have done and offer those skills to the world.

Still yourself. Listen to your feelings and your inner guidance system. They will not steer you wrong if your intention is to have your actions match who you really are. If there is something you are unsure of, ask for guidance and we will help you, for we are in this monumental time of creation together. ~Archangel Gabriel

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