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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 22, 2018

Most enlightening human beings have been sensitive souls their entire lives. Often you have been judged for that sensitivity, treated as through it was a less than desirable trait to have. In truth, it has been your greatest asset, and is serving you well as you continue to grow and expand.

Many of you have tried to conform in order to avoid judgment from others and protect your sensitive natures. This has been a survival tactic but one that has put you in resistance to yourselves. We would like to offer a healing exercise for this today.

We wish for you to sit quietly and think of all the times you have tamped yourself down in order to gain another’s approval. You may remember specific times, or simply have a sense of how many times it has happened. In this right now moment, we invite you to call back the power you gave away to someone who was not able to see you in your truth. You may experience it as little fragments of self. Feel the joy and excitement both you and those pieces of you feel as they are being called home to reintegrate with you.

Next we invite you to ask to be shown all the times you made yourself be wrong for who you really are. Imagine all of those little fragments of self light up with acknowledgement and healing as they joyfully accept your invitation to come back home to you.

You are in charge of your energetics. It is never too late for healing. Honour any anger or sadness you have for those old experiences then rejoice in the fact that you have created this opportunity today to step up as your own healer and guide. Allow yourself to fully feel the shift you have created for yourself through the use of the exercise. Make a sacred vow to yourself to lead yourself with love and acceptance moving forward and to always honour your truth.

You have reached a place where so much is possible as you are stepping up as your own wise and empowered leader! We are so delighted that you continue to grow and expand into so many new possibilities. Continue to explore your many capabilities through a lens of acceptance, and there will be much you will discover and do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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