Daily Message ~ Sunday July 7, 2013

The human beings of light are now moving into a far more comfortable place of balance. Many of you have had poor boundaries and went from giving too much of yourselves into a state of being quite guarded, unsure of when helping was appropriate, too much or too little. Many of you have gone from being quite social creatures to retreating into your own cocoons, finding being around others to be too energetically challenging. Some of you have gone from having serious romantic relationships to living very solitary existences – many of you wondering if you will ever love again. Simply put, the energetic pendulum had swung wildly from one extreme to the other for a great many of you. You will all be happy and relieved to know that this intense purging cycle you have been going through has paved the way for you to balance out into a healthy medium that will much better suit who you have become energetically. It is from this firm foundation of authentic balance that you will be able to begin creating the solid, lasting, truly fulfilling, life expressions of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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