Daily Message ~ Sunday March 12, 2017

The energies have been particularly strong of late in terms of bringing up what is ready for release. When the energies are strong, there is no mistaking what that energy is that is trying to leave. Why is this important? Because it is through your identification that you allow it to leave.

Dear Ones, you are sovereign beings. You are the masters of your own path. The universe is always seeking to assist you but ultimately it is your agreement and cooperation with that assistance that allows it to occur. The energies are bringing up things that are now ready to leave, but it is up to you to allow that to happen.

It is like the universe holds up an emotion you are ready to let go of as if to ask, “Are you ready to let this go?” You get to say yes, by identifying what you would like to let leave. By choosing not to look at it, you are deciding to hold it onto it for a while longer.

The fact that it is coming up does not mean you are still unhealed or broken. Far from it! The fact that it comes up means that you have healed to the point where it is ready to leave, which is a wonderful thing.

If you have an emotion that is ready for release, feel into it. What is it? What would you call it? Once you have labelled it, let it go. Wave goodbye to it and see it as tangible proof of the work that you have done.

Once the emotion is gone, find the part of you that had carried it for so long. Give that aspect of you any love and support that it may require and integrate it into your wholeness. Then allow the space that the departing emotion left to fill up with the love that you are, the love of Source energy.

Your emotions do not need to be scary, Dear Ones! They are simply looking for you to be the manager that labels them and decides it is time to allow them to leave. The key is identifying them, not identifying with them.

If you can allow yourself to embrace the gifts of that healing flow, you will be amazed with the process that you are part of that continues to help you evolve and embody more and more of your beautiful love, light, and divinity. ~Archangel Gabriel

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