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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 25, 2018

Do you find yourself getting offended when others tell you what to do? This is a sure sign of your own evolution.

You have worked hard to find your way to your own divinity and complete capability to step forward as the empowered creator of your life expression. You have shifted out of the illusion of powerlessness into your authentic power. You are now seeing yourself as a sovereign being that is not only completely capable of leading your own life expression, but of pioneering into brand new energies and unprecedented potentials. Your freedom of self expression is of paramount importance to honour your soul’s agenda.

When another tells you what to do it suggests that you are incapable. It feeds the seeds of fear and doubt, which can result in stagnation. At worst, it can steer you away from the experiences your soul wishes to have, if you give your power away to other’s opinions. It plants the suggestion that you do not know what you are doing, which is incredibly disempowering. As enlightening human beings you are incredibly mindful and dedicated. You do not wish to make a mistake, and because of this can find yourself easily stalled if you do not have well developed faith in your own divine capability.

For all the reasons we just stated, it is just as detrimental to put your own opinions and preferences upon another as advice on how to run their own life expression. Of course, you can always give advice if asked for your opinion, but truly empowering guidance should always point people back to connecting with their own inner mastery.

If you do not know what another person’s soul agenda is – what they wish to experience, heal, contribute, and discover – you are simply not qualified to tell them specifically what to do. If you continue to insist upon what another should do, it will ultimately end with them needing to reject you (or at the very least create considerable space between you) in order to focus on honouring their own divine path and self mastery.

There is no one more qualified to run your life expression than you. Others can only give advice through the filter of what would be best for them and their own life expression. Do not allow others to make you doubt your own mastery. Support others by encouraging them to connect to their own inner knowing and heart led guidance system.

In time as you get more settled into your own mastery, you will find that the opinions of others sway you less and less, and you will be able to simply thank them for their love and concern and carry on in whatever way is best for you. You will be embodying acceptance and allowing, both for yourself and for others.

It is the collective energy of each soul deciding how it wishes to shine that is leading, and will continue to lead, the grand shift on your planet and allow you to all have the joy of experiencing your highest life purpose and expression. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s note: Did you know you can still catch the replay of my appearance on Beyond the Ordinary? We covered so much ground about soul connections, twin flames, unconditional love, the evolution of relationships and more! You can catch it here… Enjoy! :)

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