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Daily Message ~ Sunday March 4, 2018

Love is expansion. Fear is contraction. Acceptance brings comfort. Resistance leads to discomfort. These are basic facts enlightening human beings understand.

Where things start to get more challenging is when you understand these things and then make yourself wrong if you are not loving and accepting 100% of the time. This is where you start to judge yourself and beat yourselves up unnecessarily.

Dear Ones, the nature of the universe is not to be only one thing. The universe moves and shifts, ebbs and flows. Expecting to be unmoving in anything is not realistic.

Be easy with yourselves. We wish for you to understand that all movement is forward movement. You don’t have to have complete compliance to only one or two elements in order to be successful! You simply need to gently redirect if you find yourself in a space that isn’t comfortable for you. Discomfort is simply a redirectional tool. You will soon find that with your awareness you will choose love and acceptance (and thus growth and expansion) more and more, until they are the natural go-to responses for you the majority of the time, and your personal preferences.

As you continue to evolve you will still have ebbs and flows. You will just find your lows get higher and your highs get higher. Your entire vibrational range will continue to move onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of your soul growth.

You do not lose progress if you have a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad month! Your personal growth is reflected by the prevalent energetics you hold. So if you find you have been reactive or responded in a way that doesn’t reflect who you really are, forgive yourselves, honour your feelings, give yourselves the love and understanding you need, and move on knowing you are human and more than ok. In fact, you are doing a remarkable job. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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