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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 17, 2020

The last couple of months of your linear time has given you an opportunity to step forward as a loving parent for yourself. The focus has shifted to your wellness, meeting your needs, and making wise choices that serve you, your loved ones, and the whole.

While this may not seem remarkable to you, it is incredibly healing and setting you up well for the next phase of your incarnation. You are learning to identify and prioritize your needs and to give yourself the care you have needed and deserved all along. This is creating beyond the old belief systems and conditioning you had been trying to thrive under but didn’t support you at all.

Not only that, but you have been given enough time to start to anchor these new ways of being into your energetics, which means moving back into the old ways will simply not be an option because they will no longer be energetically viable. This is setting you up to move forward into the new from a much better space of balance, alignment, wisdom, and clarity, all elements that will assist you in creating lives that are much more satisfying and sustainable.

Internal growth can be difficult to gauge because it is gradual, but small consistent changes quickly add up to open you to brand new timelines, potentials, and possibilities. While many of you are aware that things have changed and will be different moving forward, you will not know the full scope of the transformation that is occurring on your planet for some time to come.

Much is being released, dismantled, reviewed, and ultimately left behind, and much is coming together to take form as the foundation of the new. The amount of energy that is being processed is monumental at this time, yet another reason why your loving self care is paramount. Let us reassure you, you are truly doing a remarkable job as transformation agents and shepherds of the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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