Daily Message ~ Sunday November 24, 2013

A great many enlightening human beings have had trouble finding appropriate boundaries. Because they so often have heightened sensitivities, they feel other people’s energy, and use this skill in their dealings with others. Commonly, because this is normal to them, they expect other people to use that same skill for them, wanting them to know exactly how they feel or what they need without having to say anything. Not everyone has the ability or desire to do that, of course, which often leads to hurt feelings, disappointment, anger and resentment, from feeling let down when people don’t magically rise up and meet all their needs.

Finding appropriate boundaries is necessary to support your own energetic balance moving forward in your enlightenment process. Using clear communication is essential for the development of healthy boundaries.

Dear Ones, you would all save yourself so much time, trouble and angst if you would simply become self aware enough to identify what you need and then communicate that need in a clear and concise manner! Get in touch with what your wants and needs are. Communicate that in a way that is mindful and easy to understand. This will give others the opportunity to make decisions based on what your truth is, and allow them a chance to respond in whatever way is best for them.

Encourage others to clearly communicate their needs to you, too. When you are jumping to do what you think others want you to do, you may be inadvertently stepping into a saviour role with them, which can be very disempowering to all involved.

Clear communication supports truth and transparency. These are essential elements for creating your firm foundation for moving forward, in a far more empowered way, into this brand new age of enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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