Daily Message ~ Sunday November 25, 2012

As the earth continues to Shift, and her inhabitants do as well, relationships will also evolve.  Rather than being based on karmic debt, or a continuing of outmoded belief systems, or a desire to fix or rescue the other, the new relationships will have very different criteria.  Matching levels of integrity will be sought out, understanding that the level of integrity a person acts from is an indicator of soul growth.  When there is a similar level of soul growth, energetic resonance naturally occurs.  Kindness will be a valued trait, as will service to others.  Freedom to grow.  Whether each partner uplifts and supports the other.  Partnerships will become the anchors of unconditional love that support the planet in her shift.  Relationships will very much be centred in the Now, rather than a focus on how they were in the past or how they might be in the future.  In many ways, balance will be key in relationships, as they are adding to the balance Gaia is seeking to shift into.  Dear Ones, look at your partnerships with fresh eyes, asking, “Does this person help me remember who I really am?  Do I help this person remember who he/she really is?”  Your relationships can now evolve into mindful relationships of ease and mutual respect because the enlightening human being is embracing soul growth and no longer requires conflict and strife to grow. ~Archangel Gabriel

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