Daily Message ~ Sunday September 29, 2013

Before you come into the body, you make many plans and agreements with many people. You know that you are coming into the physical with special traits and abilities, interests and passions, all designed to help you live your chosen incarnation. Your unique vibration is unmistakeable from that side of the veil, yet you understand it will feel somewhat different when you are in the body, so your divine other asks, “How will I find you?” You answer, “Oh, it will be easy! I’ll be the painter, (or healer, or teacher, or singer, or author, whatever your calling may be), living in _______, who is joyfully living my life to the fullest.” Your divine other bids you adieu for the moment, until you meet again.

Then the reality of being in the body sets in, and you start being molded by societal expectations, living according to what you “should” do rather than what your heart wants, and you deny all those aspects of yourself! You have passions, yes, but who has time for those? You would love to live in ______ but you never take the leap to do it because you have become afraid of change and are fearful of it not working out. You live with a longing in your soul, but never give in to that subtle yearning. Your life expression has become something very different than what listening to your heart would lead you to, and you have become very uncomfortable, indeed. Further, because you are hiding in a life that is so different than your highest expression, finding you is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Hear us when we say there is no right or wrong, Dear Ones! Whatever you decide, you are loved and honoured every step of the way. But your soul, your guides, the entire universe, wishes you to have the grandest experience you can imagine. Your unique interests and desires exist within you to help you do just that. Allowing yourself to be you – bright, shiny, authentic, incredible YOU – will help you find every joy and delight you had intended for yourself, and more. ~Archangel Gabriel

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