Daily Message ~ Sunday September 4, 2016


When we suggest you can live a life of far greater grace and ease, what comes up for you? Do you immediately think that can’t be true? Do you equate ease with being lazy or somehow not deserving reward? Do you think grace and ease are for other people, not you?

Grace and ease, simply put, come from embracing the energetic flow that is available to you at any given time. It is a space of acceptance, of gentleness, of beautiful and willing movement, of inclusion. How could any of those elements be considered not enough?

Dear Ones, you can be powerful and gentle at the same time when you are embracing your true divine nature and your ability to co-create with intention and preference. We urge you to release the idea that your worthiness is somehow wrapped up with how much you have suffered or efforted towards a goal. You can beautifully and mindfully create from a space of alignment with Source energy whenever you choose, which is what allows you to experience the state of grace and ease as an effective and viable option. ~Archangel Gabriel

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