Daily Message ~ Thursday April 17, 2014

If your life has taken you to a painful place, the first thing you must begin is to make your own care and self nurturing a priority. Taking care of your own needs first is an act of self love, and it is likely that you are out of balance and have neglected to give yourself the love you need for quite some time. Many of you have been taught that it is not nice to put your wellness first, that it is selfish, and that there is something noble about always putting others above yourself. That single belief system is responsible for the burn out that is so prevalent in so many loving and caring people.

You simply cannot draw the love and support you seek if you do not accept and give those same energies to yourself. It cannot be done, because you cannot create abundance from lack. Loving yourself is essential as an aspect of unity consciousness. We urge you to stop putting yourselves last, to stop your negative self talk. You are a vital, beloved, and honoured part of the planet! You cannot have the joy of experiencing that truth until you start to give the same wonderful, tender care, love, understanding and support you so generously share with others, to yourself. By doing so you will shine and thrive, and have so much more to offer others, from that solid, balanced place of love, support and nurturing you have created for yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel

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