Daily Message ~ Thursday August 11, 2016


Dear Ones, you are part of a universe that is designed to continually expand and evolve naturally. Constant struggle is not a natural aspect of growth.

Think of things you see in nature – a sprout breaking through the ground or an egg about to hatch. There will be a build up of energy that will increase until there is just enough pressure to break through to the next level. The energy then settles back into the ease of unimpeded growth.

Just as all things in nature, you work with rhythm. There may be moments of stress, but they will always lead you to release and back to ease. Flow and growth will be the constant, with moments of resistance and stress being sporadic entryways to new, better states of being. If you can remember this, you will find it much easier to stay in forward movement with greater comfort, embracing the positive aspects of all stages of growth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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