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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 12, 2021

Self love is so much more than treating yourself once in a while or practicing occasional self care. It is an internal shift that prioritizes your wellness consistently. There are three core aspects that sit under the umbrella of self love and those are self acceptance, self honour, and self respect.

The term self love often is interpreted as self acceptance, meaning you love yourself wherever you are on your journey, flaws and all. Self honour means acknowledging your true divine nature, your purpose, how far you have come, and your successes. Self respect comes from practicing all of the above.

If you struggle with respecting yourself, or receiving respect from others, your self love practice is likely incomplete. Can you commit to seeing yourself through a broader lens? Can you shift out of troubleshooting mode with yourself into not just acceptance but also admitting the wonderful things about you? It is the combination of self acceptance plus self honour that results in self respect. When you employ all three you will be grounded in the complete energetic model of self love and that will shift your relationship with both yourself and with others. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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