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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 19, 2021

Your self love process is often a continuation of the parenting model you received as a child. Do you only approve of yourself if you are being “good” and reject or berate yourself if you are not? A pattern of approval/rejection of self will keep you spinning your wheels rather than moving forward in your journey in a state of authenticity and acceptance.

Over the next while, we encourage you to pay attention to your self talk and see if it is mimicking the voice of the primary caregivers you had as a child. Now that you are grown, and generally much wiser and more conscious of emotional needs, can you change that narrative? What would a new voice sound like? What would it say? How would it make you feel? How would it support your journey into your next highest expression of self?

It is always a cause for celebration when you recognize old patterns that are running in the background and realize you can change them. You might even think of it as deleting old code and upgrading your operating system! It is with your conscious awareness, and your own tender, loving care, you can encourage yourself forward into the adult version of yourself that was always your true potential.

You have no idea how incredible it is that we can even give this message and have it go straight to your heart, and next, into your own loving actions towards yourself, because from there empowered forward movement becomes not just a possibility, but the next natural step in your unfoldment. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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