Daily Message ~ Thursday July 4, 2013

Following your joys and passions is one of the most important and powerful things you can do during your time in the body. You came onto the planet with those unique skills and interests in order to find your purpose, to navigate your life expression and to have your highest experience. Embracing those unique characteristics allows you to be your brightest shining you, and leads you to the life experiences that are most supported and joyous.

Choosing not to follow those urgings from your soul to please others, to fit in, to meet societal expectations or because you have been taught that it is somehow noble to deny oneself, is what has been causing humans great despair for many, many years. Humans have fought for freedom for centuries and then enslaved themselves with old, limiting belief systems that are equally painful.

Live, Dear Ones! Put your joys and passions first, knowing that is how your soul seeks to lead you. Live fully, assured that your specialties add to the beauty of your earth in ways that can never be duplicated or replaced. Allow your unique energies to shine brightly and add their glorious light to the New Earth you are creating. ~Archangel Gabriel

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