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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 30, 2022

Many of you will put off doing something that you know needs to be done. For whatever reason, your soul is beckoning you to take care of something, yet you resist. What is interesting to us is the fact that the resistance to that act is often much more uncomfortable than doing the actual act.

When you are being resistant you end up being in a tug of war with yourself. You go back and forth, knowing you should really just take care of something but then resisting the call to actually do it. This will create a build up of energy that will only find release once you follow through on the action that needs to be taken.

So if this is something that you frequently experience, we offer you this. You can feel dread or you can feel relief. Which do you choose? Asking yourself that question can be all it takes to get yourself back into a much better feeling flow.

One of the beautiful aspects of becoming a conscious human being is that you get to know and understand yourself so completely you develop strategies to guide yourself forward in ways that bring you back to presence and comfort. What have you been putting off that can you do that will bring you some energetic relief today? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hey everyone! I actually decided to extend my vacation a little bit so I’ll be taking July 4th to the 14th off. That means the last daily message will be on Friday July 1…they will resume again on the 15th. I will be checking my email daily, though, so you can still book sessions for when I return. Thanks for understanding, I’m really looking forward to having a little time off for some R & R!


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