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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 17, 2022

Trusting yourself and your own instincts is vital as you step into the new. Your life expression wants to unfold in a way that honours you and your soul’s truest desires. That means you must trust that what you yearn for truly exists for you in a version that is perfect for you.

Dear Ones, your desires are how your soul beckons you forward. Your yearnings are there to point the way. They lead you towards the discovery of your greatest potentials. Not only that, there is much magic every step of the way as you follow that path of unfoldment.

Some of you have put your dreams on a shelf, thinking they were frivolous or unattainable. They are a big part of you and who you wish to be! Is it time to dust them off and explore where they might take you? Let us reassure you, we give this idea a resounding yes! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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