Daily Message ~ Thursday March 19, 2015

During intense energetic times, it is common for people to become aware of emotions coming up. They may feel frustration, anger, irritation, sadness, depression, anxiety. Dear Ones, do not let this make you feel you are not “spiritual”, are somehow broken, or have lost the progress of the work you have been doing diligently for so very long. It is simply another wave of energy leaving you, and your beloved planet, which is exactly what these energies are designed to do.

Rather than seeing them as a bad thing, we recommend treating it like a parade. If you become aware of an emotion that is not your norm, wave at it merrily as it passes you by, secure in the fact that it will not be staying. The releasing process can be joyful!

All that is happening is even more room is being made to receive the light codes that are flooding your planet, moving you ever upwards in the glorious enlightenment process you are all participating in. These are exciting times, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel

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