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Daily Message ~ Thursday March 26, 2020

You have all heard how self love is a very important aspect for you moving forward. We would like to explain why this is so.

Loving others without loving yourself as well is an incomplete and unsustainable model. It is based on the martyred service paradigm, which is an old structure that you are now evolving beyond. It is choosing to exclude yourself from the love and support you have always deserved.

In order to move fully into who you are and the balance and authenticity that comes from it requires inclusion, and that means making yourself equally important as everyone else.

By denying yourself your love and care, you are giving a loud energetic no to receiving the love you deserve. You are, in effect, practicing separation. You cannot fully be the love and deny love at the same time.

Further, it is through being the love for yourself that you are able to soothe any fears that are looking for your care and reassurance, which will create a space for healing, congruency, and far greater ease moving forward.

So be the love, Dear Ones, but be sure to include yourself in your own love, too. By being willing to give and receive love, both from yourself and from others, you will open the door to experiencing far more love in your life than ever before, which can only lead to a far more satisfying life expression. This will create the shift into joyful, supported service, that is built on the safe and solid foundation of inclusion and the empowerment of all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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