woman resting in nature trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday March 31, 2022

Breathe, Dear Ones, breathe. When you focus upon your breathing, you not only connect with your body, you also connect with the natural universal rhythm of ebb and flow. It moves you into alignment with both giving and receiving, expanding and releasing. and the overall system of balance that you are a part of.

When the energies get intense, just breathe. Many humans have a habit of holding their breath when things are feeling stressful which puts you further out of balance. Shifting into conscious breathing is deciding to not hold yourself separate from the support that is all around you.

When things are wonderful, breathe it all in! Embrace it through your breath and allow anything that is not fully resonant with that experience to go, further honing your energetics. Allow the wonder to enter your body and settle into every single cell.

Breathe as an act of love for yourself and your body. Breathe to embrace your presence and your Now moment. Breathe to celebrate the gift of being in your body on an ascending planet. We promise you, it is what you couldn’t wait to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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