Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 16, 2013

Dear Ones, know that it always pains us when a human sees no other choice than to commit acts of violence on another.  It matters not what the agenda of the individual or the group may be.  When such events occur, there is something even bigger that happens, well beyond the actual event and immediate injuries and losses.  On an individual level, it gets people to define themselves, to choose how they wish to respond.  It gets people asking bigger questions.  How can someone do such a thing?  Are all people good or bad?  It shakes people out of their slumbers, makes them more aware. On a bigger level, whenever a large scale event happens, whether it is a natural or man made event, it creates a huge out pouring of love, prayer, compassion and support that acts as a huge cleansing and energetic support to your planet.  In a sense, such events give you an opportunity to see unity consciousness in action.  Although there has been darkness, you see so many souls coming together, shining their light and being of service to each other, assisting others in need whether they know each other or not.  So, Dear Ones, we ask you to continue to shine your light and to hold your balance and faith as the wayshowers, as the beacons you are.  Don’t let the dark acts of others dim your light or shift your focus away from what you wish to create. There will come a day when humanity no longer requires such contrast for self definition. ~Archangel Gabriel

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