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Daily Message ~ Tuesday April 19, 2022

Your boundaries can be malleable without making you weak, inconsistent, or vulnerable if you are making them in a per case basis with the criteria that your connection point is a place that is safe and empowering for everyone involved.

There may be some people in your life who are not safe for you to be in close proximity with. Those people will need to be kept at a distance. In fact, in those cases, you may choose to have a boundary of no contact at all. This is perfectly appropriate if their behaviour is abusive or causes you distress. It is never empowering to support another in showing up in a lesser version of themselves, either, so no contact can be the highest choice for everyone involved.

There are other souls who are so safe and supportive for you they deserve VIP access. These are the people who you can completely and open-heartedly be yourself with, who you enjoy a beautiful flow of love and support with. The relationship is mutually trustworthy, beneficial, and uplifting. These people are your soul companions, who bring you joy, and add to your life just as you add to theirs.

Based on the two examples we have given, can you see how attempting to have a preset one size fits all middle ground boundary system would not serve you in either instance? In the first case it would leave you vulnerable, in the second it would make you miss out on the joy of deep and respectful connection.

You are ready. You are ready to use your wisdom to find the connection points with others that allow you to meet people where they are and sets the stage for the most satisfying interactions that serve everyone involved. And that, Dear Ones, is exactly what boundaries are designed to do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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