Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 12, 2014

One of the most destructive things humans have been taught is to dismiss their imagination. Let us explain why.

Your imagination is inspiration that comes from alignment with Source. Your imagination embraces the flow that comes from that connection and adds to it, to co-create in a way that reflects your own interests, style and energy. You cannot create without your imagination! All of the greatest inventions, ideas, and works of art have come from imagination and channeling Source energy, infused with the person’s own interpretation and energetic stamp.

To teach others to dismiss the imagination, in a very real sense, taught people to dismiss their connection to Source. It has furthered separation consciousness in a way that has been painful and unnecessary. It also knocked people out of the flow that would take them to their interests and passions, again, greatly diminishing the human experience. In a sense, with the dismissal of the imagination came the disconnection with the inner child, the part of you that knows how to play and how to have fun. You were being groomed to live without inspiration. No wonder so many of you have been having life expressions that were not nearly as fulfilling as they could be!

Dear Ones, your imagination is a powerful tool! Play! Create! It doesn’t matter whether you think you are good at what you choose to do with it, the power of the imagination comes with the connection to Source and the flow it brings. Have fun! Go retrieve that vital aspect of self and give it the respect and honour it has always deserved. Your life will be enhanced dramatically by doing so. ~Archangel Gabriel

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