Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 26, 2014

Many of you have been raised to believe that always doing is noble and laziness is to be avoided at all costs. This paved the way for people to become very out of balance, to glorify being busy as being virtuous, and to deny the needs of the self. People pack their days so full that when they finally stop they fall fast asleep out of sheer exhaustion. For so many, busyness has become the greatest distraction tool of the ego. Joy, passion, connection, and self nurturing all become lost under this model of doingness.

Dear Ones, you are on the planet to BE. You embrace your own unique contribution to the whole by knowing yourselves, by connecting to Source, by following your passions and joys. When you allow yourself to BE, you embrace the Now moment. You become self loving and nurturing, and because you are full and satisfied, you are able to extend true connection and love to others. You are mindful, and follow the path of grace and ease, rather than effort. You are grateful, which is how you create even more of what you wish to experience in an empowered way.

Because you embrace stillness, you feel the subtle energies of your guides, masters, and higher self, which allows you to continue to live your highest life expression and enjoy the deep satisfaction that brings. Rather than missing life, you are savouring life, which is what we all wish for each and every one of you.

So make time for you, Dear Ones. Slow down. Connect. Love yourselves. BE. Give yourselves permission to slow down because the stillness you’ve been encouraged to avoid holds all the treasures you’ve been missing and hoping to find. It is through BEing, rather than doing, that you will find the joy and enlightenment you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

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