Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 30, 2016


Dear Ones, the energetic shifting you are a part of is occurring to serve you, to assist you, to allow you to experience yourself in an expanded way, and to evolve in whichever way and speed is perfect for you. Again we say that surrendering to it all is key to move forward with the greatest amount of ease possible, as is being kind and gentle with yourselves and with others.

Just because one energetic influx, one mercury retrograde, or an eclipse season has been difficult for you in the past doesn’t necessarily mean the next one will be. And just because others are finding energies difficult in a certain way does not mean you will experience them in the same way. You are all unique beings and will experience each shift in your own way based on where you are on your ascension journey, your own energetics and astrological influences, and your willingness to move with the energies.

So we urge you to get back to basics. Practice good self care. Listen to what you need and give it to yourself. Treat each shift as a brand new event. Stay present and open. Have compassion for yourself and others. Use the assistance that is always available to you from us by remembering to ask for it. And above all else, know that this is an incredible time on your planet and you are both the stars and the audience of the greatest show on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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