Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 13, 2015

Waiting for another to apologize before you can heal after a hurt is deciding to stay in a wounded state and giving your power away. You do not require closure in order to heal! You can give yourself closure any time you want by deciding you no longer wish to stay in the energy of the hurt and move back into your wholeness and wellness.

If a person has hurt you and has not apologized to you, it is showing you that they are not a safe person for you at this time. It is telling you that they are not able to love, honour, nurture and appreciate you for whatever reason. Does that sound like a person you should put your healing in the hands of? Repeatedly going after them looking for an apology, and explanation, trying to make them see, is only going to result in your becoming frustrated, angry and more hurt. Accept them for where they are and move on. They cannot give you what you are seeking.

The way to dissolve the ties that bind you to one who has hurt you is to see that they are not bad. People who hurt others are not operating from a whole and balanced place. Acknowledge them for being where they are, and release them from your energy with your love and healing. Then give yourself all the tender care, love, understanding and nurturing you need to find your way back into your wellness. Your healing is dependant on one thing only, Dear Ones, and that is you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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