Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 22, 2013

We spoke yesterday of how people identify themselves through their woundedness and how they’ve been victimized.  Have you noticed how humans tend to do the same with others as well?  “That is Jane.  Her husband left her last year.”  “That is John, his father died when he was a child.”  You even greet each other daily with news of how you are hard done by.  How many times do you hear someone respond, when asked how they are, with a litany of what is wrong?  “I have a headache.”  “I had the flu last week.”  “The kids are sick.”  “The weather is awful.”  You all run around proving and reinforcing to each other that you are still victims!  Dear Ones, don’t you think it is time to evolve beyond those old habits once and for all?  If you would only start to identify yourself with your truth, your divinity, your BEingness in each Now moment, you would change your lives so quickly, completely and profoundly! There is no glory in leading with what is wrong.  There is no prize for being the most hard done by.  Embrace your authentic power once and for all!  Let yourselves shine in your truth and beauty, celebrate what is good, and support each other to truly LIVE. ~Archangel Gabriel

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