Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 5, 2016

So many of you try to communicate with us and get frustrated if you cannot hear us. We have much to say about this topic!

We are always available to you, and love to connect with you! Your requests are always heard, and always responded to. Even if you cannot hear us we are answering you through signs, through feelings, and through assistance behind the scenes.

If you ask a question of us and don’t feel like you have received an answer, know that it is coming! You may find yourself on a new web page. The perfect book could find its way to you. You will run into the exact person who can help you. You could move into a sudden knowing of what you need. You could find signs such as feathers, coins, songs, angels, butterflies, birds or any other thing that feels magical or significant to you, to help guide the way.

For those of you looking for more of an actual conversation with us, please understand that those interactions are telepathic. You must trust and allow it to flow, and pay attention to where it comes from. Your own inner voice tends to come from within your own head. Divine transmissions, when you pay attention, will come from above and outside of you, often from slightly to the left.

Even if you feel like not one thing is happening in your attempts, please know that you could be being energetically adjusted so that you are moved into a better alignment to allow communication to occur. This is a wonderful thing, but it can take some time, so trust in the process.

The last thing we wish to say is to have fun and be easy with yourselves in the process. Flow. Allow your imagination free rein as your imagination is the bridge to the psychic part of your mind. Do not be too concerned at the beginning about whether something is “just your imagination” as your imagination is a vital part of the process. Eventually something will happen that surprises you and that will be when you know it is not your imagination any longer and you have moved into the realm of psychic experience. Rest assured, we are available to each and every one of you to communicate with if that is something you desire. ~Archangel Gabriel

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