Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 26, 2016


Every time you are dishonest with yourself, you put obstacles in your flow. Every time you are dishonest with another, you put barriers in the flow between you and them. Lies create energetic separation. Separation between you and your authentic self, and separation between you and others. Separation and resistance to the flow cause deep discomfort in you.

Some of you are afraid to show yourselves in your truth because you fear rejection. But not being true to yourself is, in fact, rejection of yourself. Not showing yourself in your truth is, in a sense, rejecting others. The very thing you fear is perpetuated by your lack of authenticity.

Showing up in an authentic way is paramount for all human beings at this time. As you do, you will give others the opportunity to connect with you in truly meaningful ways. It gives others the opportunity to show you unconditional love, which paves the way for you to start to accept and love yourself, as well. It also allows you to draw to you the perfect matches and release any obstacles between you and the life you were meant to live. This is what the energies are supporting at this time, and because of that, any choice that is not in line with your truth will become more and more impossible to bear.

Dear Ones, there is nothing more glorious than you showing up authentically, in your truth, in your imperfect perfection. It is freeing and connecting, and exactly what your soul is yearning to do. It is where your greatest strength is because embracing your truth is recognizing yourself as an individuated aspect of Source. Authenticity paves the way for acceptance and unity, service and support, which is exactly what you and your world need more of, and like all other things, it all begins with you. ~Archangel Gabriel

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