Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 6, 2021

We have spoken quite a lot about the importance of acknowledging any inner child aspects that did not get what they needed and assuming the role of your own loving parent, encourager, and guide. This is an incredibly important first step to begin your healing and reintegration process. We recommend you to make this a priority, always meeting those needs lovingly and consistently until safe attachment can occur.

Today we wish to take it to the next step. Getting to know those aspects can give you vital clues as to who you really are and what brings you joy. The question we wish for you to meditate on today is, who were you really before others attempted to make you wrong for who you are?

What gifts did you have that weren’t acknowledged or appreciated? What dreams did you have that matched you and your energetics perfectly that others put down as frivolous or unrealistic? What activities brought you joy? What talents did you not have an opportunity to explore or hone? What circumstances held you back but no longer apply now that you’ve taken the reins of reparenting yourself? What can you do now that you can navigate beyond those old blockages?

Dear Ones, it is never too late. Give yourself the acknowledgement of how divinely perfect you have always been exactly as you are and encourage those unique traits to bloom and grow as essential aspects of your own self expression and how you serve the whole. Can you finally make yourself right just for being you? It is by freeing yourself to be beautifully, unabashedly you, you will finally find the true satisfaction and self acceptance you’ve been seeking and from there all things are possible. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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