Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 23, 2015

How can you add more flow to your day? By making choices that are in line with what you find enjoyable and are a good match to you energetically.

Let us explain. If you are continuing with a job you detest, every morning when you wake up you will be in resistance and find it very difficult to flow. You will be feeling discomfort from the moment you open your eyes, right until the end of your work day.

Many humans have trained themselves to ignore their discomfort which is doing yourself a great disservice! Discomfort allows you to discern whether something is an energetic match to you or not. Simply ignoring that information is largely responsible for the great numbers of people on your planet who are suffering both emotionally and physically. Hear us when we say there are no special awards handed out for struggle and angst. Discomfort exists to get your attention and to encourage you to redirect into a path that is more aligned with who you really are. It is feedback from your soul.

When you start navigating your path by what feels good, you are stepping into self love. You start to honour yourself, your comfort, your wellness. You will always find it so much easier to surrender and willingly flow into what feels good, Dear Ones, and hear us when we say we wish nothing more for you than to have a life that satisfies you, and allows you to step into what you are really on the planet to experience.

So many of you ask for signs from the universe. That guidance is always available to you, right in your body! Resistance is your soul telling you a direction is not energetically supportive to you. Flow will always find what is in line with your soul, and all great things happen from there. Which would you prefer? ~Archangel Gabriel

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