Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 26, 2012

There will be a whole new wave of people awakening over the coming days, weeks and months. You, who have been working so hard on your enlightenment, will be the ones they will look to for guidance. Many of you have been trailblazers and will be the model they look to. Our question is, if you are constantly complaining about how hard it has been and how horrible your ascension symptoms are, why on earth would anyone want to follow your lead? Dear Ones, it is time to let the true benefits of why you have been so dedicated to your growth shine brightly for all to see! Do not let the momentary discomfort of the various shifts dull the beauty and worth of the process. You have done all of this work, not just for yourselves, but so others can benefit from your efforts as well, so be living examples of how glorious living in the light can really be. By doing so you will be embodying everything you came here to do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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