Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 7, 2016


Dear Ones, you are part of a shift that is unfolding as is divinely perfect for you. Just as your body knows exactly what it needs to do in order for all of its systems to work in sync, so it is with your enlightenment process. Please do not worry if you are releasing enough, or integrating enough, or if your pineal gland is ok, or if your lightbody is activated. Let the intelligence and innate capability of your own soul take care of that. If you are staying in a state of surrender and flow, if there is something you need to support your process, it will seamlessly come into your awareness. Trust in the system, it is designed to give you every last thing you need. Your job is to allow the unfoldment, and to accept you are supported at all times to evolve with grace, ease and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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