Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 19, 2013

Many people get stalled on their healing journey, waiting for the one who wounded them to make it right. Such an approach is rarely successful. If a person was operating from a place that resulted in your being hurt so deeply, it is unlikely that person has the ability to see things from your point of view, or would have traits that would be developed enough to want to truly make amends. Most people who behave in ways that are destructive to others are deeply wounded themselves and simply do not have the awareness or skill set to behave differently.

To make yourself dependant on another’s actions to achieve your own healing is a risky gamble. Making yourself dependant on another in any way is giving your power away yet again, which puts you in a situation that is ripe for re-wounding. You have unlimited ability to give yourself exactly what you need for healing, but it must start with stepping out of your victim consciousness into your own authentic power. From there, you can commit to your own health and wellness, and change your focus to your peace, your healing, your evolution, your creation.

Take the valuable lessons from your experiences, Dear Ones, and let the rest go. Commit to keeping yourself safe, acknowledge your own role in the situation (on a soul level, you chose to have the experience), then release it, knowing the universe, not the individual, is responsible for the appropriate checks and balances for each individual soul expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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