Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 29, 2016

Dear Ones, in fast moving energies it is important to consciously choose to align in whatever way feels best to you on a daily basis. This way you will be cooperatively moving with the energies. Your willingness to accept, receive, integrate, transmute, and release will allow you to shift in more comfortable increments and minimize your ascension symptoms.

What do we mean by align? Anything that helps you still and feel your connection to Source. Prayer, meditation, walking in nature, sea salt baths, or simply sitting in quiet connection, all are activities that will help immensely. It is far easier to move a little bit at a time than to play energetic catch up.

It is also much more pleasant to shift with the assistance of your guides and helpers, who are always available to you in response to your simple request. That act of communing with spirit is showing your desire to work as a team, to bridge the energies between heaven and earth, and to joyfully participate in your divine evolution. ~Archangel Gabriel

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