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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 14, 2017

As you move toward the end of your year and look forward to the future, the question to ask is not “What should I do?” but rather, “How do I wish to express myself?”

You see, up until this point many of you had incarnations with very long to-do lists. This was why you often were looking for the guidance of what you should do next. You knew you had things on your agenda to experience and you didn’t want to miss anything.

Those times are now drawing to a close energetically. This can take some getting used to, as you reorient yourselves to the next phase and understand that the new focus is all about how you wish to be, and what you wish to experience.

As the pioneers on a rapidly shifting planet, you are more than ready for this change. You will release the fear of missing something or making mistakes because not only are you mindful, you are starting to recognize that the true value is in experience and self expression.

This is also profoundly important because this marks the shift away from martyred service to joyful service. It is about navigating by preference, playing in unprecedented energies, and co-creating and making a difference as you go, and that, Dear Ones, is exactly what your souls have been aiming for all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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