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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 16, 2021

We spoke yesterday of the power of the phrase thank you. We would like to expand upon the theme of gratitude today. There are so many ways the practice of gratitude serves you!

Gratitude is what makes your vacations so restorative. Gratitude is grease to your flow. Find things to be thankful for and you will not only make progress, you will discover even more of what you prefer because gratitude is also the steering wheel of your flow.

You cannot be resistant and grateful at the same time. The next time you are feeling particularly resistant, identify something you are thankful for and feel how the resistance dissipates in your body. From there progress and healing can occur.

Practicing gratitude is finding your own flow. It is the acknowledgement of how much is working for you in your life. It doesn’t mean you ignore anything that comes up for your care, attention, and healing. Rather, you can be grateful that something came up for release, attend to it, thank it for its service, and then get back into saying thank you for your preferences. In that way, gratitude can be a constant in your life, and it will create much more ease for you, both in your life and your body, than your resistance ever could.

To put it simply, resistance is “no” energy and gratitude is flow energy, and only one can create movement in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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