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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 6, 2018

Those who are well on their enlightenment journey have all been going through a prolonged release and review period, intent on wrapping up the first phase of your incarnation. The phase many of you are entering now is simply about finally making peace with all that you have experienced. It is through that vital stage of finding peace with where you’ve been that you can finally step forward into the next new exciting phase, carrying the wisdom you have gained while being unencumbered by your past.

Where you have been will start to feel farther removed, much like if you examined a pastlife experience. It will be easier to see the purpose of it all, and you will have little desire to drag any old energies with you because you know they simply do not apply any longer.

You will begin a fresh phase, drawn to things you would like to experience and new ways you would like to express your beingness and service, driven by choice and preference rather than old wounds or karmic obligations. This will feel very freeing for you and will support the expression of your personal attainment like never before. Again we say what remarkable times you are in! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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