Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 11, 2012

As you are holding your vision of what you would like to create, both for yourself and for the New Earth, things are now, or about to, start manifesting into your reality in some unexpected and remarkable ways. Know that sometimes, what you are working on manifesting may show up slightly differently than what you expected. It is so important to not allow this to upset you, or make you lose your focus, or even worse, give up! As you hold your clarity, your manifestations will also become more clear and take on their purest form. As you stay in your faith and flow, you will be co-creating with spirit and staying in your most empowered space. Remaining calm, focused and balanced is key to holding the space and creating what is the highest, divine potential. In fact, staying in calm acceptance with your focus will often result in the universe delivering even better than what you could have imagined! So, Dear Ones, if things start showing up in your reality that are less than what you had hoped but contain many elements of what you are working on creating, don’t settle for less than what you know you deserve. Rather, see it as feedback from the universe and further clarify your intention. See it as a sign that your manifestation attempts are working and a wonderful sign of encouragement, not failure. ~Archangel Gabriel

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