Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 12, 2017

Dear Ones, what if you just let yourselves BE for a moment? So often you are very aware of your need for something and then talk yourselves out of it, or make yourselves wrong for what you feel or wish to experience. Many human beings have an inner dialogue that never lets up, usually focused on what is unwanted. It is like living with someone who nags you relentlessly or talks incessantly through the amazing movie of your life.

Many of you listen to that voice because you don’t want to be wrong. But the part of you that is truly qualified to guide you is the quiet, aligned part of your soul.

Why not turn down the volume on your inner naysayer and connect to the innate wisdom of your soul? Once you do and find your true guidance, why not support it by starting to honour and listen to your inner encourager? Why not understand there are many points of view available to you and start to be as energetically selective about the chatter you expose yourself to internally as you’ve grown to be about the energies you expose yourself to externally?

It’s time to create a wonderful safe, calm, supportive environment within to allow yourselves to shine as the empowered and masterful beings you truly are. We would suggest if you would not dare to say it to a friend or a beloved child, you have no business saying it to yourself. Love and nurture yourselves, Dear Ones, for it is the sustenance that allows you to bloom into all you can be and more. ~Archangel Gabriel

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