Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 13, 2016


Dear Ones, just as growing pains can cause some discomfort, they are a sign that you are expanding into a bigger version of yourself. The same it is with your ascension symptoms. They are temporarily uncomfortable but are a sure sign of growth and expansion.

If your body is asking for a certain food, give yourself permission to have it. If your body needs rest, rest. If your mind needs soothing, meditate or engage in activities that are gentle and enjoyable to you. Time in nature or immersing yourself in salt water can help immensely. More than anything, remember you are the expert on you.

You have chosen to be part of the ground crew on an ascending planet. You are well prepared and well supported for all of this. If you can remember that your soul considers all of this a great honour, and that these times are exactly what you’ve been waiting for, you will embrace the process and move with it with the greatest ease possible.

The fact that you are handling such intensity is a testimony to the vast amount of growth and shifting you have already attained, and proof that you are ready for the next phase of the enlightenment process you are such an integral part of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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