Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 8, 2015

Dear Ones, if you stop and really think about your most precious hopes and dreams, how far away are they from how you live and what you share with others? Are they so buried down they never see the light of day?

When you deny any part of yourself, you are not being authentic. Authenticity is the way to your most satisfying life expression, where all of life responds to and celebrates your most marvellous truth and beingness.

Is it time to brush off your inner most desires? Is it time to lovingly and encouragingly allow yourself to bring forth what truly matches who you are? Any disconnect between your truth and your reality is what causes deep discomfort and sadness. Know that to shine your true self, authentically and unapologetically, is what will finally allow all of your life to become congruent, and allow the universe to support you in your wildest dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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