Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 24, 2013

In the early days of the journey to awareness, contrast is a vital tool. The more unconscious a human being may be, the more resistant to growth and introspection, the more extreme and challenging the events placed by the soul on the human’s path will need to become to get their attention.

This is not about punishment. Far from it. This is about lovingly creating the exact elements required, without judgment, until the person’s attention has been caught. This is why you will often see people looping through a similar experience, time and again, with the intensity rising each time, until the human becomes too uncomfortable to stay the same.

Here is the good news in all of this. Once you choose awareness, once you embrace your growth, you no longer require trauma and discomfort as a catalyst to get you moving and growing. Once you truly embrace your soul’s growth, your life path, the path becomes smoother. You will redirect with subtle bumps and nudges that are easily acknowledged. You will experience far less trauma and discomfort, because those extremes are no longer required to get your attention. You will begin living consciously aware.

Once you are embracing your journey of growth and awareness, you then can not only heal, but you can start to live life as a co-creator. You release the idea that life is something that happens to you, that you are powerless, and instead embrace your authentic power and your ability to create. Your life starts to become a true expression of who you really are, dancing with the energies of the universe. It is a delightful thing to behold and available to each and every soul on the planet.

This is what will create the New Earth. People will be embracing their authentic selves in record numbers, and leaving behind the need for trauma and discord. The human beings of light will be creating mindfully, and through their empowerment, making the changes that will at long last create peace on earth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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