Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 27, 2016

Dear Ones, did you know that loving yourself actually improves your relationships? When you don’t make decisions based on what is best for you, you will experience resentment. There is no energy that will erode your feelings of love faster than resentment.

You see, if you make a choice that is not in alignment with how you really feel, you will feel angry and resentful in the action. So automatically you will feel resistance to the activity. You will then be angry at having to do it, and angry at yourself for agreeing to, and angry at the person for having you do it, even though it is something that you agreed to, or even offered!

Because you have made a choice that is out of balance with your own needs and feeling that resentment, you will be prone to lash out, making you seem unpredictable and unsafe to the other. Further, that seething resentment will make you feel like you are sacrificing so much for the other, but because you have not been honest about your feelings, you will never feel the level of appreciation you feel you deserve for such efforts.

Can you see? All of that is far from love! We urge you to connect with your feelings and truth before you agree to anything. There is always a solution that will honour all. Even if you temporarily disappoint someone by saying no, that is a far better choice than choosing the anger and resentment that are sure to follow a choice that is not made from a place of honouring self. Which do you choose? Anger, resentment, resistantance and begrudging presence? Or flow, joyful service, balanced and loving presence that supports all involved? Don’t you think it’s time to make choices that allow everyone to experience your best? ~Archangel Gabriel

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