Daily Message ~ Wednesday April 28, 2021

Dear Ones, we understand so many of you have been through challenging times. You may have felt that the world has been a very harsh place for you, and because of that you think you have lost your innocence. What we want you to understand is that your innocence is never lost, it has just receded in order to keep itself safe, and it has just been waiting for you to reassure it that it is now safe for it to come back up into the light.

Connect with that inner child aspect of you that has felt it was best for it to hide. Recognize it has been there all along! Let it know you are an adult now and you will absolutely provide it everything it needs to it can get back to the business of being a kid and enjoying all the wonder and innocence that comes from that.

This is exactly how you incorporate more play, fun, and magic into your life. Acknowledge that aspect of yourself still exists and encourage it to come forward. This is moving back into the wholeness that has always been there just waiting for you to reclaim it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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