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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 18, 2021

We recently spoke of the various reasons you may experience separations from others that really have nothing to do with you. There may also be times where separations occur because of something that is looking to be healed or shifted within you. Today we would like to offer you some thoughts on how to tell the difference.

If you have had a sudden separation from someone and you know you have been a good, supportive, and consistently loving source in the person’s life, the separation likely occurred for the reasons we outlined in the daily message on Monday, August 16, 2021. We encourage you to reread that message if that is the case to have a greater understanding of what might be at play in that situation.

Another indicator that it is not you is that you have other long term friendships/relationships that are as healthy and mutually supportive as they have always been. You might explore if the person has also separated from other people they were close to who had similar roles in their lives as you had. All of these are indicators it was not personal but rather something that is going on with the person in question.

But if you experience being rejected time and again and it is a pattern that seems to reoccur with frequency, you may wish to stop, take an observant viewpoint, and see if it could be something going on with you that is needing to be shifted or healed. Did you hear similar complaints from the different people who have left? Was there an area that started to lack flow in your relationship with them? What part did you play in that? Did you say or do something that caused them to want to withdraw from you, either intentionally or unintentionally?

Is it unusual for them to reject someone from their circle? If you take a true, conscious look at your interactions with them, were there problems you weren’t acknowledging that you played a role in? Has there been consistent feedback that you aren’t owning or receiving? Is there something in you that is desperately trying to get your attention for healing and resolution so this pattern no longer has to play out in your life?

Dear Ones, taking a moment to look through the lens of self responsibility is always wise. With your conscious awareness you will always be able to own what is yours and also discern what is not. If you are not sure, ask your guides to help you be aware of any role you may have played, and anything that is asking for your attention and healing.

Taking the time to look at all sides of any challenging situation will give you the opportunity to assume responsibility for anything you could have done better, to grow and evolve from it, and also see when it isn’t about you at all. This will allow you to receive any healing gifts there may be present for you and leave the rest behind to ultimately come to a place of peace and acceptance with the situation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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