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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 22, 2018

We wish to reiterate the importance of having fun as part of your enlightenment process moving forward. Getting in touch with what brings you joy is essential as you begin to navigate in the new, higher vibrational energies. Sadly, so many of you have been so serious for so long you don’t even know what that is any more.

Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do? What were your interests and passions? Your childhood can hold many clues because as children you are least resistant to your soul preferences. What types of things did you like to do? What were you naturally good at? Where did you focus most of your free time? What elements of those activities can you bring forward now to match who you have grown into?

Do you think having fun is frivolous? Or do you think you have to forfeit fun in order to watch over everyone else? We are shifting from the old paradigm of martyred service into joyful service. What if following your joy was the way to your highest service? We can tell you that it is. Joy and presence are indicators of alignment and embodying higher vibrating energies, which only serves the whole. Honouring the importance of fun is also healing for you, as it allows your inner child to come back to the forefront and have their needs met.

It is time to release the old belief that fun is irresponsible and should be last on your to-do list. It is time to put the light back into enlightenment but honouring your soul’s interests, passions, and the activities that bring you joy as the essential elements they truly are. By finally allowing how your soul yearns to express itself, you begin to shimmer and shine in your true glory. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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